Hello! My name is Allie and I am the human behind Simply Kiddos. I am on a mission to create an extensive library of supplemental educational material for our youngest learners.

This website was started for one reason: to bring parents and educators, alike, affordable and fun resources to use with their kiddos.

When my oldest started school, I realized quickly that teachers rely heavily on worksheets. While I believe that worksheets have their place in a classroom, I do not share the philosophy that they should make up the bulk of the day.

Think about it… do you remember a single worksheet you have ever completed? I certainly can’t.

So, when my child, once excited to start school slowly began to lose interest, I found it was because “school is boring”. And, oh man, did that hurt my mama heart.

To have a kid that yearned to learn new things begin to lose that excitement, at such a young age, was heartbreaking.

Instead of complaining, I got to work. Studying the best way to teach subjects, such as high frequency words and then creating resources I knew would be fun.

And, those resources, are what I share with you here on Simply Kiddos! A combination of hands-on activities and, yes, worksheets.

I try my hardest to make every resource with clear intention behind it. Not to create, just to create.

I have invested several 100s of dollars into my graphics and even more into my software programs, so that I can give you the highest quality material that can be printed.

So, you can rest assured that you are getting clear, crisp, balanced, fun and engaging resources, with every download.

Thanks for stopping by!