AY Phonics Worksheet and Activities for Kids that are Actually FUN

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AY Words Worksheet and Activities

I created these AY phonics worksheets and activities for my child to, ultimately, help with sight words. I wanted something that was multi-sensory that would keep them engaged and excited while learning new phonics.

The idea behind this creation was not to make it into a sight word lesson. Instead, focusing on words that end in AY. Then, after mastering this sound, I would introduce the sight words.

This method worked well for us which is why I am sharing these activities with you today!

Items Needed

What is great about this bundle is that you can incorporate the items you have on hand. You do not have to use these AY phonics worksheets exactly as shown below.


  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Play dough (for mats)


  • Laminator (strongly recommended)
  • Hole Punch
  • Dry-Erase Markers
  • Clothes Pins
  • Kid-sized paper clips
  • Paper Cutter

AY Phonics Worksheet and Other Activities

This bundle of AY words worksheets includes five different activities and an accompanying AY sight word worksheet at the end.

Rhyming AY Words Cards

These cards were created to introduce the pictures and the words that are associated with them. As these images will be shown continuously throughout the pack. To make it more fun and interesting, we used clothes pins to indicate those words that make the AY sound.

If you don’t have clothes pins, you can use anything you have on hand. Candy, beans, counters, anything!

Image of the rhyming AY words in action.

Build the AY Word

For our kiddo, this activity was a favorite. As you will notice in the image below, we used kid-sized paper clips to form a word and connect it to the correct picture.

You may also see that the letters AY were designed to be on the same “tile”. It was created this way to help kids understand that when these letters are together, it makes the long “A” sound.

If you do not have a hole punch or paper clips, simply have the child build the word next to the picture.

Image of the build the AY words in action.

Complete the Word

Use these cards to help kids sound out the missing letters. Laminate them and use dry-erase markers to use over and over again.

Image of the Fill in the Blank AY activity in action.

Sight Word Play Dough Mats

Print and laminate, then give little ones play dough to start building the word.

AY sight word play dough mats in action.

AY Words Worksheet

These AY words worksheets were designed with sight words in mind. Kids will trace, write, find the word, color the word and circle the word. They will then fill in the missing letters before reading the sentence and, finally, writing the sentence.

Each worksheet focuses on one sight word that ends in AY, that goes along with the theme of this bundle.

AY Phonics worksheet using sight words in action
AY Words Worksheet with Sight Words

AY Reading Practice

Now, it is time to put it all to the test. These reading guides come with two options.

Option one was designed with the images next to the sentences. This helps provide clues on what the sentences say.

Option two, children will cut and paste the correct picture with the corresponding sentences.

AY Reading practice in action

Let’s Conquer AY Words!

Are you ready to help your little learner(s) understand that the letters AY make the ā or long A sound? Grab this AY phonics worksheet and activities here.

Want to design your own fun sentences, featuring AY words? I have an entire list of AY words that would work perfect for little learners.

AY Phonics Worksheet and Activities Download

Did you skip down to the bottom? Here is where you can find all of the above activities and worksheets.

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