Butterfly Counting to 10 Practice

Count the Butterflies

In this simple low-prep activity, children will practice counting from zero to ten. Each of the counting cards contains a bunny with a net and varying flying butterflies around it. Children will count the number of butterflies and then choose the correct number and place it in the empty box.

This activity is great for one-on-one practice, as well as for centers or small groups. It reinforces number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence skills.

Count the Butterflies

Items needed for the Butterfly Count to 10

Setting up the Butterfly Counting Activity

First print and cut out the bunny and butterfly cards and numbers. Laminate everything, if you wish to. This is ideal for school educators that would like to use the activity in groups. Or for educators (home school, public, private, etc.) that would like to use the activity over and over again.

I like to add Velcro dots to the empty box and to the back of the number cut outs. This keeps the numbers stuck on the cards so that they do not move around and it also makes it easier for the children to pick the numbers up off of the table.

Butterfly Counting Activity Instructions

I have completed this activity in several phases, depending on the skill level of the child. Before starting the activity, lay out the counting cards and numbers. If this is the first time a child has been exposed to numbers or counting, only lay out a few cards to work on. For example, I like to begin with just numbers 0-3, before moving on to others.

Phase I: Instruct children to count the number of butterflies around the bunny. Once they have completed, hold up the number cut out and say “right!, there is 1 butterfly! This is the number 1.” (or whichever number you are working on). I then like to ask “what number is this again?” so that the number is being repeated back to me.

If the counting was not correct, help the child count and then state the same thing as above.

Phase II: Instruct children to count the number of butterflies. And then have them choose the correct number to place in the box.

Phase III: Instruct children to count the number of butterflies. Then, have them write the correct number in the box. For this option, it is ideal to have the cards laminated so that they can be used again, in the future.

Important Notes: For those younger children, they should be instructed to count each butterfly one-by-one, touching each butterfly as they count. They should also be asked to count the butterflies from left to right.

As children are more exposed to counting and numbers, they should reach a point where they will not need to count by touching each butterfly, for the smaller numbers. For example, they will come to recognize three items automatically, without the need for counting.

Download the Butterfly Counting Activity

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