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25 Adorable Color by Shape Worksheets for Eager Learners

Color by shape worksheet examples

Are you ready to see some of the cutest color by shape worksheets ever? These worksheets turned out even better than I could have imagined. Your kids are going to love watching them come together … as they practice their shape recognition. Win, win!

When it came to creating these color by shape worksheets, it was important to include a short and long version. This allows you, the educator or parent, to determine which worksheet will work best for your kiddos.

The short version can be expected to take anywhere from 10-25 minutes to complete. While the long version of the color by shape worksheets can take 15-35 minutes to finish.

The length of time it takes to complete the worksheets will be dependent on multiple factors. For example, the age of the child, knowledge of shapes and precision in coloring will all play a role.

And what makes these worksheets great is that they can be worked on throughout the day or spread across several days. You could also allow the children to choose the shapes they want to color. Or you could instruct them on which shape(s) to color before moving on.

color by shape worksheet that shows an example of the animal faces and the completed version of the animal face color by code

What are color by code shape worksheets?

Color by shape worksheets are like any other color by code worksheet. However, instead of coloring by number or letter, children will be presented with a code related to shapes.

They will then locate the shapes on the worksheet and color the spaces with the shapes, according to their color code. When they have finished their coloring, they will be presented with a fun and colorful picture.

I have lots of examples of completed color by shape worksheets below, for you to check out.

Materials needed for this activity

The great thing about these worksheets is that very few materials are needed. The required materials needed include:

Examples of the short version color by shape worksheets

The short version of these worksheets, contains fewer shapes and colors to get to the final image. These are perfect for the younger learners or if you are looking for a shorter shape activity to include in the day.

These color by shape worksheets come in two versions. The first covers the heart, star, triangle, circle and square shapes. And the second includes the trapezoid, pentagon, rectangle, oval and square.

Colors do not change between version one and two; only the shapes are changed. And for that reason, I would recommend using different worksheets if you want to incorporate both versions into your home or classroom.

Below are the examples and completed answers for the short color by shape worksheets.

Color by code shape worksheets examples of the 5 shapes and 5 colors. Animals include bird, cat, cow, mouse and pig. Shapes include heart, star, triangle, circle and square
Version 1
Color by code shape worksheets examples of the 5 shapes and 5 colors. Animals include bird, cat, cow, mouse and pig. Shapes include trapezoid, pentagon, rectangle, oval and square
Version 2
Completed examples of the short version color by shape worksheets, fully colored
Completed Examples

Long version color by code worksheets

The longer version of the color by shape worksheets contains seven colors and shapes. These worksheets will take longer to complete as there are more shapes and spaces to color.

There are only one set of shapes for this version. The shapes included in the longer version are the triangle, star, square, circle, heart, pentagon and diamond or rhombus.

These worksheets are also themed, meaning there are worksheets for seasons, holidays and a category of miscellaneous themes. Each theme contains two worksheets, giving you plenty of variety to choose from!

Below are the samples and completed answers for the long color by shape worksheets.

Spring and Summer Theme

Included in the spring and summer themes are the flower pot, ant with strawberries, sand castle and summer clothes.

Examples of the spring and summer color by code worksheets
Spring and Summer Examples
Completed spring and summer color by shapes worksheets
Spring and Summer Completed Examples

Fall and Winter Theme

Included in the fall and winter themes are the picnic, bird on a branch, skating shoes and winter clothes.

Black and white version of the color by code shapes fall and winter themes
Fall and Winter Examples
Completed example of the fall and winter color by shapes worksheets
Fall and Winter Completed Examples

Holiday Theme 1

The holiday theme has images for Halloween and Christmas. The Halloween images include a witch’s hat and a candy cauldron. The Christmas images are that of a stocking and Christmas lights.

Halloween and Christmas color by code worksheet examples
Halloween and Christmas Examples
Completed Halloween and Christmas color by code examples
Halloween and Christmas Completed

Holiday Theme 2

Holiday theme number two covers Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. The images included are the love Dino, hearts in a jar, pot of gold and horseshoe.

valentines day and st Patricks day color by code worksheets in black and white
Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Examples
Valentine's Day and st. Patrick's day color by shape worksheets completed sample
Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Completed

Toy and Camping Theme

The toy and camping color by shape worksheets include an image of fishing, a camper, a teddy bear and a toy riding horse.

toy and camping examples of the color by shape miscellaneous worksheets
Toy and Camping Examples
completed examples of the toy and camping color by code worksheets
Toy and Camping Completed

Where to Download the Worksheets

If you are already signed up for the free resource library, you can find a sample of the short version worksheet there. The resource library is where I share freebies and samples of products you can find on the shop. If you are not a free member, you can sign up for the resource library here.

If you would like to download the entire 30-page packet of the color by shapes worksheets, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Happy shape hunting!

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