12 Fun Disguise a Turkey Printable Templates


We had so much fun with the disguise a turkey printable and I can’t wait to share it with you! This printable comes with both a blank turkey template and pre-made turkey disguise templates that are sized to fit right over top.

I may be bias, but I love the pre-made templates as it can really help to get those creative juices flowing. The templates are also great for those children that may not have many embellishments at home – as they can still feel like their turkey is fully “disguised”.

Here are a few examples of the disguised turkeys, using the pre-made templates:


As you can see, most of the items used with these turkey disguises are not super elaborate. But, they all turned out adorable, in their own unique ways.

Item List for the Disguise a Turkey Printable

If you are doing this project in class or working on it at home with your kids, there are a few things I would recommend having on hand. Of course, the first thing you will need is the disguise a turkey printable itself.

The other necessities include: scissors, glue and coloring materials.

Items I would recommend or that might be fun to have on hand (but are optional) include:

  • Construction paper – I recommend gluing the turkeys onto construction paper so that the written part can be added underneath it.
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Cotton swabs or cotton balls
  • Stickers
  • Glitter
  • Feathers
  • Buttons
  • String or Ribbon
  • Felt or Fabric

Turkey Disguise Template

There are 12 templates for kids to choose from for the disguise a turkey project. They can also choose to use the blank template, if they would like to disguise the turkey, from scratch.

The 12 disguise a turkey templates include: pig, pineapple, mermaid, human, firefighter, elephant, doctor, cow, chef, bunny, bee and astronaut

Examples of the disguise a turkey printable for the pig, pineapple, mermaid and human templates. There is a cartoon turkey clipart in the right hand side of the image with a yellow background.
Examples of the disguise a turkey template for the firefighter, elephant, doctor and cow. There is a cartoon turkey clipart in the right hand side of the image.
Examples of the disguise a turkey project for the chef, bunny, bee and astronaut templates. There is a cartoon turkey clipart in the right hand side of the image .

In addition to the templates, you will also receive a letter explaining why the turkey is going into disguise. And new for this year, I have added a sign-up sheet.

You can use this sign-up sheet with your kids to allow them to choose the disguise they would like. It’s a great way to let you know how many of each disguise to print out. If the kids would rather use the blank template, they would simply not add their name to the sign-up sheet.

Turkey Disguise template examples

Disguise a Turkey Printable FAQs

What is the Disguise a Turkey?

If you have never done a disguise the turkey project, you might be wondering what it is.

This is an activity that is done around Thanksgiving. As we all know, turkey is a very popular dish this time of year. But, the turkeys don’t want to be eaten!

So, a plan has been devised where the kids will help their turkey dress in disguise. They can choose from pre-made templates, such as those in the Disguise a Turkey printable. Or, they can disguise their turkey completely from scratch!

Either way, they are helping their turkey go undetected so that they avoid becoming the main course at Thanksgiving.

How to Introduce the Disguise a Turkey Activity

The disguise a turkey activity is a popular activity around Thanksgiving. But, if you have never done the activity before, you may be wondering how to introduce it to your kids or students.

The good news is that there is a book to a help you out! The book that has inspired the disguise a turkey printable templates you see on the internet is called ‘Turkey Trouble’ by Wendi Silvano.

There is also a great YouTube video where the book can be read to your children or students. Using either of these two methods is a great way to introduce the activity to your kids.

How to Disguise a Turkey

The best part of this project is that there is free range in how the turkeys can be disguised. Kids can come up with their own costumes. Or, they can use one of the pre-made turkey disguise templates, as shown above.

No special trips to the store are necessary for this activity, if they don’t want to. Using creativity, imagination and household items are going to work out just fine.

How to Download the Disguise a Turkey Printable

This exact disguise a turkey printable and templates can be found on the shop. To easily find it, you can use the button below. Once you have access to the file, it is simply print and go!

Happy Disguising!

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