Ready to Tackle CVC Words with your Kiddos?

This massive CVC word freebie has everything you need to get started. It includes three activities to help keep your kids engaged as they learn how to read their CVC words! 

Here is everything you get: 

CVC Fill in Letters (1)

Fill in the Missing Letter Worksheets

Sixty (60) worksheets, focused on filling in the missing letters. The worksheets include both vowel groups and mixed vowels.

Kids will fill in the missing first, middle and last letters of CVC words. At the very end, there are worksheets for children to spell the entire CVC word on their own.

This group of worksheets can be used all throughout the year as kids advance in their reading!

CVC Words Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of BINGO? There are 30 Bingo cards in this set, enough to cover most classrooms. 

The CVC Bingo cards contain just 9 words so that they are not overwhelming to kids and make for a easy, fast game to play. 

These can be used in centers or as a whole-class activity. The caller cards include pictures only and pictures with words. 

CVC Match & Write

CVC Word Match & Write

This hands-on activity has young learners using their reading, cutting, gluing and writing skills.

Kids will read the words in the box, paste the correct picture in the box and then write the word. 

This CVC word activity is easy on you – simply print! And engaging for the kids, as they use multiple skills throughout the worksheet. 

Download the CVC Word Freebie

This freebie is a download, which means it will be sent directly to your email. Download your free CVC worksheets and activities and get started today!