Free Letter B Worksheets for Kids

Letter B Worksheets

Letter B Worksheets

With these letter B worksheets, kiddos will be able to practice tracing and free handwriting their letters. These worksheets were designed to help kids recognize, trace, and write the letter B! The free printables can be found below.

Included in the Letter B Printables

  • One uppercase letter B worksheet
  • One lowercase letter b worksheet
  • One uppercase letter B printable in black & white
  • One lowercase letter b printable in black & white
  • One letter B find the letter coloring activity
Letter B Worksheet - shows how to write the letter B, bus as an example of a b word, space for tracing uppercase B and space for free handwriting the uppercase B letter
Uppercase Letter B Printable
Letter b printable - shows how to write lowercase letter b, ball as an example of a b word, space for tracing lowercase b and space for free handwriting the lowercase b letter
Lowercase Letter B Worksheet
Find the Letter B

When to Introduce the Letter B for Handwriting?

Letter B is the second letter of the alphabet. If someone were to follow the alphabetical order for introducing letters, it would be one of the first letters children are exposed to.

However, as I mentioned in my letter A worksheet post, I stumbled across an article that gave some insight on the best times to introduce letters.

Since the letter B has curvatures, our little learners may perform better after they have conquered straight-line letters, such as L, F and T.

If you would like to read more on this theory, please check out the full article here. It is a short, good read!

Letter B Worksheets

As with any worksheet, it is important that children understand the formation of the letter they are tracing. Providing a tracing worksheet, in itself, is not going to help teach the child how to write a letter.

And oftentimes, you will notice that kids will come up with their own method of forming a letter as they complete a tracing worksheet. They focus more on getting the lines to connect rather than the correct formation.

This is especially common when they are just introduced to handwriting or have forgotten how to write the letter.

These letter B worksheets show how the letter is formed before children are provided lines for tracing. There is just one line of tracing and two lines for free handwriting, where kids can practice what they just learned on their own. Which is essential in the learning process.

Alternatives to Worksheets

While worksheets allow for some independent work, it is always ideal (and fun for the kids) to mix in some alternative activities as well. Here are some other great ideas for letter B activities:

  1. Play doh mats – these can be found for free all over Pinterest. I have my own version, that you can download for free here. Or, you can even make your own! Simply print the letter B on a piece of paper and place it under a piece of clear contact paper. Then let the kiddos squish some playdoh on top!
  2. Letter B sensory bin – This can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Basically, you will need a container and some letter B items to place inside. The items can be anything that begins with the letter B such as bottles, bubbles, balls, etc.
  3. Stamping – Using letter B stamps (or you could use dot markers) have the kids stamp all over a piece of paper. You could also provide them with a printable that has lines and they can practice forming the letter B by stamping on the lines.
  4. Writing in sand, rice, etc. – This is a great way for kids to practice their letter formation in a sensory rich way. Simply provide them with a container of sand, rice, etc and they can practice writing the letter B.

Download Letter B Worksheets

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