Free Letter D Worksheets to Trace, Color and Find!

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Free Letter D Worksheets

These free letter D worksheets are perfect for kids who are just starting to learn their letters. They will help improve letter recognition, as well as their handwriting skills.

The letter D is taught in several forms using this collection of worksheets. Tracing, writing, or recognition exercises are included on each sheet.

Included in the letter D printable

  • One uppercase letter D worksheet
  • One lowercase letter d worksheet
  • One uppercase letter D printable in black & white
  • One lowercase letter d printable in black & white
  • One letter D find the letter coloring activity

Uppercase letter d printable with dinosaur
Uppercase Letter D Printable
Lowercase letter d printable with duck
Lowercase Letter D Printable
Letter D worksheet find the letter among mixed letters in boxes
Letter D Worksheet

When it comes to teaching the letter d, keep in mind that this is one of the most common letters that kids will mistaken. Along with the letter b, letter p and letter q.

As you look at those letters yourself, you can begin to understand why. They all have a similar shape. If you are finding that your child is having a difficult time learning the letters b and d, this ‘b and d confusion’ post outlines some tips that may help.

Tracing the Letter D

When introducing the letter d worksheet, it is important that children understand how the letter is formed. You may demonstrate this by saying “draw a ‘c’ first and then a line down like this.”

It is important that kids are not just handed the letter d worksheet and left to their own devices. If you have ever watched a child trace letters, you may have noticed that they do not always follow the order in which a letter is formed. They simply focus on connecting the lines.

Speaking of lines, if you find that they are drawing outside of the lines, this is OK! In the beginning phases, it is more important that they are getting the letter formation correct. As they continue to practice, their control will improve and the lines will become neater.

Tracing letters is great for motor skills and concentration, however oftentimes, children learn best with free handwriting. Which is why at the bottom of each of these letter d worksheets, they are provided space to write the letters on their own.

Example of worksheets in use

Free Letter D Printable

Download a copy of the letter d printable.

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