31 Free Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Tracing Worksheet 1-20 Example

Below are 31 free number tracing worksheets, along with some paid options. These worksheets were created to help children learn to read and write their numbers.

Writing helps our brains to store and recall information. So, when children practice tracing numbers, they are practicing the formation of the numbers, as well as, number recognition. Additionally, writing is going to help kids with their fine motor skills.

The first group of these number tracing worksheets include star starters to help understand how the number is formed. As well as plenty of opportunities for children to free hand their number writing.

As we all likely know, free hand writing is essential in the learning process.

If you have ever sat with a child that was tracing a worksheet, you may have noticed that, at times, they go about forming the number, as they please. Especially, if they are new to hand writing or can not remember how the number is formed.

But, when faced with recreating the number on their own, they have to recall the information they learned to form the number.

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Free Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Tracing 1-20 Star Starters

This bundle helps children with tracing numbers 1-20 and each number is on it’s own worksheet The numbers have a star to indicate where writing begins and an arrow to indicate where writing ends.

Children are given several tries at tracing each number and then are provided space to write the number on their own.

Here are a couple of examples of what you will receive in this bundle.

Number Tracing Worksheets example. Example of Number 3 with star starters. Lines to trace the number 3 five times, with 3 lines to write the number 3 free hand.
Number Tracing Worksheet #3
Number Tracing Worksheet. Example of Number 15 with star starters. Lines to trace the number 15 four times, with 3 lines to write the number 15 free hand.
Number Tracing Worksheet #15

Download your copy of the number tracing worksheets.

Tracing Numbers 1-100 Worksheets

With these worksheets, children will be tracing numbers 1-100, in groups of 10. Each page has plenty of opportunities for kids to practice their numbers.

Here are a few examples of what you will find in this bundle.

Number Tracing 1-10 Example
Tracing Numbers 1-10
Number Tracing Example 51-60
Number Tracing 51-60
Number Tracing 91-100 Example
Tracing Numbers 91-100

Download the group of worksheets here.

Single-Page 1-100 Number Tracing Worksheet

The final free worksheet to practice tracing numbers is the single-page 1-100 number practice. This worksheet is one page and children can practice all of their numbers, at once.

You can print this one out to use during down time or have kids practice the line of numbers in which you are working on.

Here is what you will receive when you download this worksheet.

Number Tracing 1to100 example-34
Number Tracing 1-100 Practice Worksheet

How to Use the Number Worksheets

These number tracing worksheets are pretty straight-forward in how to use them. They can be printed out and given to children to use with their crayons or pencils.

Or, my favorite alternative to normal pen and paper. Laminate or place them in a page protector and let the kids write on them with dry erase markers. This way they can be used over and over again!

If you have a tablet and pen setup, such as an iPad and pen, you can also upload these documents to a note-taking app. Then your kiddos can practice tracing numbers on the tablet.

This gives them a different environment and may get them even more excited to practice writing. The note-taking app that I use is called GoodNotes.

Paid Number Tracing Worksheets Options

While I do offer all of the above worksheets for free to subscribers. If you wish to just purchase them, they are available in the shop. They are also all included in the membership, as well!

In addition to the free options, I do have some paid number tracing worksheets that can be bought from the shop. If you are already a member, these products are included in your membership.

Number Practice 0-20 [Apple Themed]

This bundle of 21 worksheets gives little learners plenty of practice working with the different numbers. Each worksheet has over 5 mini activities for the kids to use while they learn to read and write their numbers 0-20. This is to help keep them engaged through the entire worksheet.

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