Counting Mats for Counting 0-10


Huge bundle of counting cards to use with children aged 3-5.

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This huge bundle of counting cards is perfect for kiddos aged 3-5. Children are going to love the fun, engaging and seasonally changing themes. Each theme has 11 cards, representing the numbers 0-10. The images and items to count change for each theme.

The task is simple. Have children count the number of items found on each page. Make sure that children are only counting each item once and that they are not skipping numbers. Start with fewer objects before moving on to larger numbers. This is a great activity for practicing one to one correspondence.

For the youngest learners, this is best completed one-on-one until they can recognize and recite back numbers.

From there, this activity can gradually get harder. Allowing kids to place the numbers themselves and then finally writing the numbers in the boxes (laminate the task cards to get lots of use out of them!).

It is also a perfect time to bring in terms, such as “which scarecrow is watching over more pumpkins?, which scarecrow is watching less pumpkins?”. Kids as young 2 can begin to understand more and less.

What is Included:

  • 24 themed counting cards for counting 0-10
    • Count the sunflowers
    • Count the apples
    • Count the pumpkins (Halloween)
    • Count the pumpkin seeds
    • Count the leaves
    • Count the turkey feathers (Thanksgiving)
    • Count the hearts on mittens
    • Count the candy canes (Christmas)
    • Count the stars
    • Coin the bird houses
    • Count the flowers (Valentine’s Day)
    • Count the penguins
    • Count the frogs
    • Count the coins (St. Patrick’s Day)
    • Count the butterflies (Easter)
    • Count the raindrops
    • Count the kites
    • Count the flower petals
    • Count the bubbles
    • Count the watermelon seeds
    • Count the seashells
    • Count the shark teeth
    • Count the fireflies
    • Count the crayons
  • 168 pages, 47.29MB

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Number Tracing, Writing


Number Tracing, Writing