Shapes Activities Bundle


A growing bundle of hands-on activities and worksheets to learn and practice shapes.


This is a digital GROWING shapes activities bundle. This means that the file you receive does not contain all of the activities and worksheets you will receive. More will be added throughout the month of March and April 2023.

At the time of purchase, you will receive a file with 9 shape activities, which are outlined below. The preschool shapes activities bundle features both hands-on activities, as well as, worksheets. This bundle is geared towards children aged 3-6.

This GROWING preschool shapes activities bundle will feature a minimum of 20 activities and worksheets at the completion. As activities and worksheets are completed, they will be added to the file. The anticipated completion date for this bundle is April 2023.

*Please note: This is a digital product, no physical products will be distributed. While I would love to provide the opportunity for them to be printed, at this time, it is not permitted. You MAY have them printed at 3rd party sites.

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What is Included:

  1. Cut and Paste Shape Worksheets – children will cut out the shapes and glue them next to the matching shapes. This is a themed set of worksheets, that are both seasonally-based and regular images. More themes will be added throughout the year. Sets include: haunted house & ghost, gingerbread home & gingerbread man, pumpkin pie & frosting, lock & key, shovel & snow, camera & paper, leprechaun hat & clovers, teacup & tea bags, flower pot & tulips
  2. Play Dough Shape Task Cards – these are task cards where children will practice rolling out play dough and building their shapes with play dough.
  3. Shapes Foldable Booklets – With these booklets, children will practice tracing and drawing their shapes.
  4. Shape Craft Stick Mats – This preschool shapes activity is designed to be used with craft/popsicle sticks. Children will practice building the shapes on the mats, using craft sticks.
  5. Self-Check Frog Shape Activity – This shape activity is self-check. Children will pin the happy frog if the shapes match and pin the sad frog if the shapes do not match. They will then check their work by either using a light source or simply unfolding the paper.
  6. Feed the Bear Toilet Paper Shapes Activity – This activity is designed to be used with empty toilet paper rolls. Bears are cut out and placed atop the toilet paper rolls. Children will practice feeding the bear the shapes you say or the shape that is on the cave.
  7. Shape Geoboard Task Cards – these task cards are designed to be used with geoboards and rubber bands. Children will practice building the shapes on geoboards, using rubber bands.
  8. Shape Matching Mats – Kids will practice shape matching skills with this preschool shape activity. These mats are themed, with more themes to be added throughout the year. The current themes include: Acorns, Scarecrows, Apples, Candy Corn, Pumpkins, Haunted House&Ghost, Peppermints, Reindeer, Christmas Trees&Presents, Yeti, Penguins, Snowman&Snow Globe, Love Bug, Love Monster, Cookies&Boxes and Aliens.
  9. Shape Color by Code – Children will color the pictures according to the color code on the worksheet. This bundle has 25 unique shape worksheets. Five worksheets contain 5 colors and should be shorter in length. The remaining 20 color by shape worksheets contain 7 colors and shapes, are more involved and, therefore, would take longer to complete.
  10. I Spy 2D and 3D Shapes – Kids will act as a “detective” as they go on a hunt for shapes. This bundle contains 24 2D and 3D shapes in color and BW.
  11. STEM Shape Building – This activity will have children building out 2D and some 3D shapes, using toothpick (or straws) and play dough. They will be using fine motor skills and problem solving skills as they build out their shapes. And, then counting skills after they have finished building their shapes.
  12. I Can Cut Shapes – These worksheets help kids practice their shape cutting. Kids will cut out the shapes of the apples and then glue them to the back of the apple truck.
  13. Shape Posters – A huge file of 16 2D shape posters, offered in 7 different colors plus black and white. Also included is the choice of simple shape figures or happy face shape posters. 

Please note that this is a printable digital download. No physical items will be shipped after your purchase.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not applicable. However, if you have any problems you may reach out to me and I will be happy to help!


You may print the worksheet at home or by using a commercial printer.


All worksheets were created by me, Allie, and copyright remains with me and my brand, Simply Kiddos. As the purchaser of these worksheets, you are given permission to print as many copies as needed for yourself. You may not print, sell or redistribute any of the worksheets.