Thanksgiving Counting Sets for PreK and K

Gobble up the excitement with these fun Thanksgiving counting sets, designed with your little turkeys in mind! These six free and festive counting mats are perfect for those learners working on their number recognition and one-to-one correspondence skills. They are low-prep, ready to print and easy to incorporate into any preschool lesson or class.

Learning About Numbers and Counting

Learning number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence skills are foundational to early childhood development. These skills are the building blocks to proficiency in mathematics, as well as, assist in social, practical and cognitive development. It is said that mastering these skills early on helps children gain a lifelong appreciation for mathematics.

Thanksgiving Counting and Place Task Cards

This easy, low-prep activity always seems to be my go-to when I want to practice counting skills, without the cleanup. By changing out the fun graphics on the task cards, based on the season or holiday, it keeps the activity fresh and engaging.

I’ve also found that they can be a great way to introduce new vocabulary as we talk about the different items we see on the task cards.

Tip: when using these counting task cards, I recommend printing, laminating the numbers and mats and adding Velcro dots to the empty boxes and numbers. That way, when children are working on placing the numbers, the numbers are raised off of the table and can be easily grabbed.

Tip: only print one page of numbers and simply switch out the task cards periodically. Even, weekly, if you wish to. The numbers remain the same for each of these Thanksgiving counting task cards.

Each of these counting sets come in both color and black and white and cover all numbers 0-10.

Table of Conents

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