Huge CVC Words with Pictures Bundle – Free Download 100+ pages!

Free CVC Practice Bundle

100+ pages of CVC Words with Pictures

After sharing my massive list of CVC words, I knew I wanted to create free resources that teachers and parents could use with their kiddos.

What resulted was the ultimate CVC words with pictures bundle. What I thought would take an hour to complete was completed over a few-day span. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop!

What Makes this Bundle Great?

The CVC words with pictures bundle incorporates writing worksheets, gluing worksheets and a bingo game. There are over 100 pages in this bundle, giving your kids many different ways to practice their CVC words.

This bundle has everything you need to get started with teaching CVC words. I recommend incorporating just some of the writing worksheets (not all of them!) with CVC hands-on activities to create a fun, engaging experience for your kids.

What are CVC Words?

CVC words are some of the first words that young kids learn to read. They consist of a consonant-vowel-consonant spelling pattern. For example, let’s look at the word ‘hut’.

Hut is comprised of a consonant ‘h’, vowel ‘u’ and then another consonant ‘t’. As you can see, the vowel in ‘hut’ is sandwiched between two consonants. Thus, making it a CVC word.

As CVC words follow the typical phonetic pattern, they are easily decodable. This means that once children have been equipped with the basic sounds of the alphabet, they should soon be able to sound out these words.

When are CVC Words Taught?

Here in the U.S., CVC words are typically heavily taught in Kindergarten. However, if children are ready and able, there really is no need to wait to introduce these words.

When introducing these words, some people prefer to use Elkonin boxes. Which focuses on segmenting words into individual letter sounds and then later used to practice segmenting syllables.

What is included in the free CVC Words bundle?

This CVC words with pictures bundle has three activities that you can use with your kids.

The first set of the bundle includes a 5-page guide to the CVC words. As well as, several worksheets that are missing the first, medial and last letter of the CVC word.

There are also a handful of worksheets at the end that include all letters missing.

CVC Words with Pictures guide and example of worksheets
CVC Words with Pictures

The second set of the bundle is a BINGO game. The BINGO printable includes 30 BINGO cards and calling cards. The calling cards include just images or images with words.

The idea is that this can be played as a whole-class activity or in groups. One child can act as the caller as the others focus on finding the correct space.

This image shows an example of the BINGO game that is included in the CVC words with pictures bundle. One side shows the different call cards kids will use and the other side shows the actual BINGO play boards. The boards consist of 9 spaces and are offered in blue, orange, red, green, pink and yellow.

The final set of the CVC words with pictures bundle are a set of worksheets that uses reading, writing, cutting and gluing skills.

Kids will first cut out the CVC words found at the bottom of the page. They will read the words in the provided boxes and paste the picture over the word. Then, they will re-write the word in the space provided.

Alternatively, kids can re-write the word first (before covering it) and then paste the pictures.

CVC Match & Write
CVC words Match & Write

Download the Free CVC Words with Pictures Bundle

This bundle of CVC words worksheets and activities are completely free to download. They serve as perfect print and provide activities for the kiddos. As they are low-prep.

If after you download the bundle, you are looking for more hands on activities, I encourage you to check out the shop. I have created several activities that can be used in conjunction with these free printables.

Free CVC Practice Bundle

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